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Eri Kikuchi

Eri Kikuchi
Also known as: Mai Akimoto, Eriko Ishikawa, Yumiko Hino
Born: April 5, 1965 (1965-04-05) (age 52)[1]
Nagoya Prefecture, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 94-60-86 cm
37-24-34 in
Bra/cup size: E metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless

Eri Kikuchi (菊池えり / 菊池エリ - Kikuchi Eri) is an early Japanese AV idol of the 1980s, and one of the first Japanese AV actresses to be known primarily for her large breasts.

Life and career

Using other stage names, including Mai Akimoto (秋本麻衣), Eriko Ishikawa (石川江梨子) and Yumiko Hino (比野由美子), Kikuchi started her adult entertainment career in soaplands. During this early part of her career she also made appearances in several underground pornographic films. Her official AV debut was in the September 1985 video, Beautiful D-Cup Girl, Sister L (D-CUP美少女 シスターL) released by CineMagic.[2] Kikuchi has been called the first adult video performer whose career was built around her exceptionally large breasts for that time in Japan.[3] The Big Bust genre, or "Kyonyu Boom" (巨乳ブーム), which Kikuchi pioneered would be set "on fire" at the end of the 1980s with the debut of Kimiko Matsuzaka in 1989, and become established as a major genre of adult entertainment in Japan in the 1990s.[4] Kikuchi's theatrical film debut was with Million Films in their Miss 20 Year-Old Momoko (ミス20才 快感!百合子の本番) (1986). In August of the same year, she starred in Shintoho's theatrical pink film, Eri Kikuchi: Big Tits (菊池エリ 巨乳 - Kikuchi Eri Kyonyu)."[5] This film has Kikuchi playing "Eri," a nude model and AV actress who becomes romantically involved with her manager."[3] In 1988 she starred in one of Nikkatsu's last Roman Porno films, Eri Kikuchi: Big Tits Blame (Kikuchi Eri: Kyonyuzeme - 菊池エリ 巨乳責め), and in 1993 she would star in another theatrical Big-Bust title (巨乳熟女 本番仕込み), for Excess Films, Nikkatsu's post-Roman Porno line of theatrical softcore pornography.[5][6] Kikuchi spent some time in Guam with her husband, a foreign (i.e., non-Japanese) dancer. Here she put her AV work on hold for a while, and worked mainly as a stripper. Kikuchi later returned to Japan and the AV industry.[7] In 2003, she was working as a lecturer/demonstrator at the AV Cultures School, a school started by male AV actor, Shinji Kubo, to train future AV directors.[8] Her recent videos for the CineMagic company are in their popular "mourning" series which feature a "beautiful woman wearing... solemn mourning [attire] with a mouth-gag," and "[fetishism] and eroticism with a mourning-clad woman tied up with hemp ropes"[9] Kikuchi's performances for CineMagic were included in their compilation video of April, 2006, Best of Collect: Battered Angels '05, which included the new big-bust actress Alice Hoshi.[10] In a field in which most careers last only one or two years,[11] several new releases during the 2000s, including Sex Slave in Mourning in January of 2007,[9] show that Eri Kikuchi, now a 23-year veteran of Japanese adult entertainment, is still appearing in adult videos.

As of 2013, Eri Kikuchi was billed at the Nagoya fashion health Nishiki VIP Toshima.[12]

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
JUKD-125.jpg Madonna Academy
(Madon'na gakuen)
December 15, 2004 Madonna
Ayano Murasaki
Momoka Hanai
Eri Kikuchi
Shiori Fuji
Mari Serizawa
Makiko Kitahara
Madonna Academy series
JUKD-140.jpg '
不倫白書 妻失格
(Furinhakusho tsuma shikkaku)
January 15, 2005 Madonna
Eri Kikuchi
Mai Nakagawa
JUKD-170.jpg The Wife and The Lover
(Tsuma to aijin)
March 15, 2005 Madonna
Natsuko Kayama
Eri Kikuchi
The Wife and The Lover series
JUKD-183.jpg Oiran
April 15, 2005 Madonna
Hitomi Tachibana
Eri Kikuchi
Midori Yoshino
JUKD-201.jpg Close Relative Document - Failure of Mother
近親白書 母親失格
(Kinshin hakusho hahaoya shikkaku)
May 25, 2005 Madonna
Eri Kikuchi
Riho Matsuoka
Close Relative Document - Failure of Mother series
JUX-691.jpg Wife's Mother
(Yome no haha)
September 25, 2015 Madonna
Eitarō Haga Eri Kikuchi
Suzuka Minori
Wife's Mother series
JUX-829.jpg '
剃毛解禁!! 服従の緊縛パイパン母
(Teimō kaikin! ! Fukujū no kinbaku paipan haha)
March 25, 2016 Madonna
Eitaro Haga Eri Kikuchi
JUX-850.jpg '
(Hitodzuma fami resubian)
April 7, 2012 Madonna
Kei Morikawa Saki Hatsumi
Eri Kikuchi
Momoka Ayasaki
Sumire Yonezawa
Rinako Akimoto
Suzuka Minori

Partial filmography

Video cover Video title[13] Company Director Release date
Pink Cinema Paradise 3 Try Heart  ? August 10, 2001
Eri Kikuchi Mourning Dress Slave XXVII.jpg
Abnormal Hunting: Mourning Dress Slave XXVII CineMagic Hidekazu Takahara March 11, 2005
Eri Kikuchi Mourning Dress Slave Eri Kikuchi.jpg
Mourning Dress Slave / Eri Kikuchi CineMagic Hidekazu Takahara July 22, 2005
Eri Kikuchi Battered Angels 05.jpg
Best of Collect: Battered Angels '05 CineMagic Tatsuo Mishima April 14, 2006
Eri Kikuchi Sex Slave in Mourning.jpg
Sex Slave in Mourning CineMagic Yutaka Akiyama
Tatsuro Mishima
January 26, 2007
Eri Kikuchi The Doll, Humiliated Bride.jpg
The Doll, Humiliated Bride CineMagic Namio Ikebe
Shinsuke Kawazu
March 23, 2007


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