Elle Simon

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Elle Simon

Ethnicity: Asian, Caucasian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 112-52-83 (cm)
Bra/cup size: Q metric
Height: 1.56 m (5 ft 1+12 in)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Underarm hair: Shaved
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Elle Simon (志紋ELLE - Shimon ELLE) is a Japanese AV idol.

While performing as ELU in the ワケあり巨乳 series her cup size is listed as a (108cm) L-cup, however Cinema Unit GAS productions measure her as a 112cm Q-cup. Her father is of French decent while her mother is of Japanese decent.


Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
YSN-041s.jpg Wake Ari Kyonyuu: Elu L-Cup
ワケあり巨乳 ELU Lカップ
December 5, 2007[1] Non -No Name-
Elu Wake Ari Kyonyuu series
GASW-007c.jpg The Super Body: ELLE's Hourglass Impact
すごいからだELLE B112W52の衝撃
(Sugoi Karada ELLE B112W52 no Shougeki)
March 7, 2009 Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon The Super Body series
#7 in the "Image" DVD series
GAS-124s.jpg Five-Year No-Sex Policy Has Ended: With This Shoot Her Eyes were Opened: Elle
5年ぶりのセックス解禁 この撮影でエロに目覚めました ELLE
(Go-nen buri no sekkusu kaikin kono satsuei de ero ni mezamemashita Elle)
June 26, 2009[2] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon
GAS-135s.jpg Huge Bra Maniacs: Elle, Squirting While on Top: 112 Q-cup
デカブラMANIAX ELLE騎乗位で潮吹く 112Q
(Deka bura MANIAX: ELLE kijōi de shiofuku: 112Q)
August 28, 2009[3] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon
GAS-142s.jpg 112cm Q-cup Elle: Four Perverted Missions: On Top, Service and Swallowing
112Q-ELLE 4つの変態指令 騎乗位とご奉仕とゴックン
(112Q-ELLE: 4-tsu no hentai shirei: kijōi to gohōshi to gokkun)
October 23, 2009[4] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon
GAS-149s.jpg Best Bomber Boobs of 2009: Collection of Most Popular Sex Scenes!
爆乳ベスト2009 ~評判の良かったSEXを集めました!~
(Bakunyū besuto 2009: ~hyōban no yokatta SEX o atsume mashita!~)
December 18, 2009[5] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Rin Hibiki
Hana Uehara
An Mitsuki
Kurumi MiruMiru
Elle Simon, and 3 others
GAS-152s.jpg 112cm Q-cup Pervert Training Elle: The Joy of Being Bullied
112Q変態飼育ELLE 虐められる悦び
(112Q hentai shiiku ELLE: ijimerareru yorokobi)
January 29, 2010[6] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon
GAS-163s.jpg Bomber Boobs Wife's Hot Spring Trip: Woman's Real Sex with a Vibrator: Elle
爆乳人妻温泉旅行 ボルチオと女が本気で迫るSEX ELLE
(Bakunyū Hitozuma Onsen Ryokō: Boruchio to Onna ga Honki de Semaru Sex: Elle)
April 23, 2010[7] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Elle Simon
SPRD399b.jpg The Great Big Tits Son's Wife!
(Segare no Yomega Keshikaran Chichi Bashichoru!)
July 1, 2010 Takara Visual
大村大 Elle Simon
GAS-219s.jpg Bomber Boobs Mother's Milk Select: Special Latest Footage
爆乳母乳奥さまセレクト 最後の撮り下ろしスペシャル
(Bakunyuu bonyuu okusama select: Saigo no tori-oroshi special)
September 16, 2011[8] Cinema Unit GAS
Kurumi MiruMiru
Elle Simon
Aoi Shimizu
Ai Minami


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