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Eimi Tsukino

Emi Tsukino.jpg
Also known as: Sara, Maiko Tsukino, Miyuki
Born: August 13, 1975 (1975-08-13) (age 42)[1]
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 105-63-95(cm)
Bra/cup size: J metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.54 m (5 ft +12 in)
Body type: Chubby
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Black
Shown: Topless

Eimi Tsukino (月野永美 - Tsukino Eimi; aka Sara - サラ; Maiko Tsukino - 月野舞子; and Miyuki - みゆき) is a Japanese AV idol, sex-industry worker and Tokyo Topless model.

Life and career

According to her last appearance at Tokyo Topless, Eimi Tsukino's bust measurement was 105cm and she wears a metric J-75 cup bra. www.av-channel.com gives her bust measurement as 100 (70-H),[2] and earlier Tokyo Topless appearances cited her as 98cm (75-H) and 105 (75-I). The model does appear to gain weight and bust-size over in the course of her thirteen solo appearances at Tokyo Topless.[3] She made two more appearances at the site along with with Megumi Asaoka and Mew Asaoka.

An early Tokyo Topless appearance as "Sara"

Due to her many stage names and low profile, information on Tsukino is difficult to find. According to a Tokyo big-bust fan's online diary entry in January 1999, Tsukino, using the name Sara, was working at a Soapland called "Aloha" where she was renowned for her paizuri skills. The entry mentions the release of her first video using her stage name, Super Tit Heaven: Maiko Tsukino (超乳天国・月野舞子).[4]

Tsukino's ninth Tokyo Topless appearance as "Sara"

Under the name "Sara" Tsukino was a "Guest Girl" on German model Bettie Ballhaus's website in March 2003.[5] An April 2004 discussion thread at the big-bust site, Forest of Breast, begins with a request for a copy of her first video, and includes a report that she was still practising her famous paizuri in the shop, but only on Wednesdays.[6]

In January 2005, there was an online discussion thread lamenting Tsukino's retirement from the Soapland scene. Again, her paizuri skills were the subject of praise.[7]

One of Tsukino's later Tokyo Topless appearance as "Sara"

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
TFC-4062s.jpg The Bomber Girl Vol. 30: Eimi Tsukino B100cm 70-H
ザ・爆乳vol.30 月野永美
(The bakunyuu vol. 30 Tsukino Eimi)
April 13, 2003 (re-release)[8] VCA / D-Cup
Akira Takatsuki Eimi Tsukino The Bomber Girl series
Video title Release date Company Director Notes ID# Video cover
Maiko Tsukino Deluxe[9]月野舞子 DELUXE October 8, 2004 Ruby / 乳姫 . 乳姫 Series AHD-03
爆乳揺らし、揉み、舐めまくり8人分 1[10] November 29, 2006 D-House . With Mariko Morikawa, Chiharu Mizushima, Miki Sonoda, Yoshiko Kawakami, Ryo Ayanami, and Miyuki Jyuujoh DVX-001
Bomber Girl Special DVD Edition 2[11] November 29, 2006 D-House . Bomber Girl Special Series
With Miki Sonoda
巨乳学園 ~オッパイいっぱいの放課後~[12] December 10, 2007 H.M.P. / Eight Man . AV History Library Series
As Eimi Tsukino, with Ryou Hitomi, Miho Ariga, Sena Wakana, Ayumi Nanase, Madoka Ozawa, Marie Sakai, Chiko Kosugi, and Kaede Tazaki.
The Huge Bra Mania 8[13]ザ・デカブラマニア8 . VCA / D-Cup . With Erika Asahina, Yuri Ogawa, Rie Nitta, Kazuyo Nomura, Ayaka Fujisaki, and Yuki Yajima TFC-4089
The Bomber Girl Dancing Vol. 1[14] . VCA / D-Cup . With Natsuki Okajima, Shiori Higuchi, Nene Momono, and Yuki Yajima TFC-4098



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