Danielle Dao Tien

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Danielle Dao Tien

Danielle Dao Tien 1.jpg
Born: Annam Province, Indo-China (Vietnam)
Ethnicity: Asian, Caucasian
Measurements: 39-25-36 in
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 134 lb (61 kg)
Hair: Black
Shown: Topless

Danielle Dao Tien aka Danielle Dae Tien was an Asian-American stripper who was active during the early 1960s. She was of Eurasian ethnicity and born in Vietnam.[1]

Life and career

Danielle Dao Tien was born in the French colonial-era province of Annam, Indo-China. In addition to Vietnamese, she grew up speaking Chinese and French, and later spoke English with a French accent.[2] Tall and shapely, Tien also enjoyed such intellectual pursuits as painting portraits and playing chess.[3]

In Saigon, Tien married an official in the United States Information Agency. She moved to Washington, D.C. with her husband in 1956. In 1958 the couple were divorced, and Tien began studying art in Washington. After reading that exotic dancers were well-paid, Tien decided to try that career as, according to Tien, "the alimony was very little, and I had to do something about it."[3]

In early 1961, Tien began commuting to Baltimore to perform in strip shows. She took her stage name, "Dao Tien" from the Vietnamese for "Peach from Heaven." Tien took her new occupation seriously, saying "I studied a long time. I did it with grace."[2]

A brief article on Danielle Dao Tien, announcing a performance in Cleveland, January 12, 1963.

Her dancing career took Tien to tours of Cincinnati, St. Louis, Buffalo, and into Canada. She became known for doing a "reverse" strip act. In this performance she played a girl who has just woken, nude, and slowly dons her Chinese clothing, which Tien had obtained from Hong Kong.[3]

When, in 1962, a Senate subcommittee investigated the treatment of night club performers around the United States, Tien testified against her employers in Miami Beach, Florida. She claimed that she had refused to fraternize with her patrons. She reported, "I wouldn't dare ask for a bottle of champagne costing $90 from someone who just wanted to compliment me on my dance. That is what my employer wanted me to do."[2]

As a result of her testimony, Tien reported that the Miami clubs refused to hire her. "They're trying to boycott me," she said, "I know it is not my work. It has always been successful. My dance shows some finesse and artistry. It is torrid, but all within the regulations."[2]

A newspaper advertisement for a Danielle Dao Tien performance in Cleveland, January 12, 1963.

Newspaper advertisements from January 1963 show that Tien was again working in Cleveland.[1]


  • "Dancer Blacklisted Over Testimony" Big Spring Daily Herald July 11, 1962. ("Blacklisted Clicss helps pass the time tor exotic dancer Danielle Dao Tien who contends she has been blacklisted by night club owners be cause of her public statements about conditions for strippers in Miami Beach The former diplomats name in Viet namese means Peach From I wouldnt dare ask for a bottle of champagne costing from someone who just wanted to compliment me on my dance That is what my em ployer wanted me to do BALTIMORE third floor flat had a tarnished look like a backstage dres...")
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