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Bras and other breast-related clothing can have different cup styles:

  • Full - covering the whole breast
  • Balcony (balconnet) - with straps at the outer side
  • Plunge (cleavage) - showing deep cleavage, lower line between the cups
  • Demi (half) - lower line, but covering the nipples
  • Shelf (quarter) - showing the nipples, but still with a cup

The following styles can appear together with some of the above cup styles:

  • Transparent (see-through, see-thru, c-thru) - showing at least the nipples through the material
  • Nippleless (peek-a-boo, open tip) - with holes showing the nipples
  • Open bust (open cup, open boob, cupless, boobless, boobs out, boob out) - without cups

A handbra is actually not a garment, but is created when a woman covers her nipples and areolas with her hands.

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