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This category lists all months and days of the year. The linked pages can contain

  • big boob related events,
  • births and
  • deaths

that happened on this date.

A red link in the table means that the corresponding page has not yet been created. You can help complete the table by clicking on a red link and filling the page with data of this day. You may want to copy the example code below. For your convienience, the Headers "Births" and "Deaths" are automatically displayed and linked if there already is data to be added.

Make sure that you change the month and the number of the day

  • in the first line of the page
  • in the two categories at the bottom of the page.

Add leading zeros to one digit numbers like in the example.

Example for August 2:
== Events ==
* [[1980]] - Example event (with link to model or other related page)

{{#ifexist:Category:{{PAGENAME}} birthdays|== [[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} birthdays|Births]] ==}}
* [[1978]] - [[Example name]], American [[model]]

{{#ifexist:Category:{{PAGENAME}} deaths|== [[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} deaths|Deaths]] ==}}
* [[1980]] - [[Example name]], Canadian [[actress]] (b.  [[1960]])

[[Category:August| <!--Space!-->02]]
[[Category:Days| <!--Space!-->08-02]]


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