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Breast expansion fetishism is a sexual fetish characterized by pronounced sexual fantasies involving a woman (or sometimes a man) whose breasts enlarge, either gradually or suddenly, sometimes to gargantuan proportions.[1] Breast expansion fetishism may manifest as a form of body inflation or balloon fetishism.[2]

Real-world breast enlargement

Breast expansion fetishists are fascinated by the processes by which breasts can become larger, be it age progression, pregnancy, weight gain or surgery,[2][3] It is common for them to examine closely the careers of adult and mainstream entertainers and their increasing, or decreasing, bust sizes.[4]


Breast expansion stories are often fantastical tales of women’s busts being enlarged by air, food, magic, medicine, alien technology or some other unseen force.[5][6][7][8] Generally, the amount of enlargement is limited only by the imagination of the author, from as little as a cup size to as big as room-filling and beyond. Occasionally, there are other types of fetishes included in these stories, such as lactation, anthropomorphism, giantess, transgender, body inflation, penis expansion, or any of the processes under the umbrella term transformation fetish.[9] Stories and pictures associated with breast expansion may contain vivid depictions of sexual activity, but not necessarily.

Two examples of movies with breast expansion are Bruce Almighty and The Stepford Wives, and there is a video series Dream On, that "may be the first series to proclaim publicly almost every week that it has a breast fetish."[10]

Art and "morphing"

Morphing is one way BE fetishists generate new media. A morph is a photograph, an artwork or an animation which uses morphing techniques to expand a woman's breasts.

Breast expansion is a recurring theme in some H anime and manga. In the anime series Ayashi no Ceres, a young girl's skirt and blouse burst open as she transforms into a young woman with larger breasts and deep cleavage.

Morphing Gallery

A morphed photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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