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Bodacious Tatas

Bodacious Tatas
Type: Film (1 of 3 in series)
Color.gif Color
Country: USA
Release date(s): 1983
Running time: 74
Language: English
Company: Caballero Home Video / Caballero Classics
Directed by: Paul G. Vatelli
Starring: Bridgette Monet, Kitten Natividad, Pat Manning, Patty Plenty
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Bodacious Tatas is a film released in 1983 by Caballero (DVD released in 2003). It stars Bridgette Monet, Kitten Natividad, Pat Manning, Patty Plenty, Ron Jeremy, Greg Ruffner, Craig Roberts and Dave Cannon; non-sex performers Jacy Allen and Renee Summers. Directed by Paul G. Vatelli.


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Magazine Reviews

Adam Film World:

2 / Hot

Scene Breakdowns

  1. Scene 1. Pat Manning, David Cannon
  2. Scene 2. Patty Plenty, Craig Roberts
  3. Scene 3. Bridgette Monet, David Cannon
  4. Scene 4. Rosemarie, Ron Jeremy
  5. Scene 5. Kitten Natividad
  6. Scene 6. Kitten Natividad, Patty Plenty

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