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Years active: 1995-present
Nationality: Russian
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Blestyashchie 2005: Nadezhda Ruchka, Yuliya Koval'chuk, Kseniya Novikova and Anna Semenovich

Blestyashchie (Russian: Блестящие, pronounced [blʲɪ'sʲtʲæɕɕɪɪ] - "The Brilliants" or "The Shining") is a Russian girl group founded in 1995[1]. Over the years, Blestyashchie has had many different singers, some of them with big breasts:


Originally the group consisted of three girls: Ol'ga Orlova (Ольга Орлова), Polina Iodis (Полина Иодис) and Varvara Koroleva (Варвара Королёва). But immediately after the release of the first album Koroleva left the group. She was replaced by Zhanna Friske (Жанна Фриске) and Irina Luk'yanova (Ирина Лукьянова). Two years later Iodis left the group, and in 1999 Kseniya Novikova (Ксения Новикова) replaced her.

A year later, Ol'ga Orlova (the front member and the songwriter of the songs that made Blestyashchie famous) became pregnant and left the group. She was replaced by Yuliya Koval'chuk (Юлия Ковальчук). In 2003 Irina Luk'yanova became pregnant too and also left the group. Later on Blestyashie was joined by the figure skating champion Anna Semenovich (Анна Семенович). In 2003 Zhanna Friske left the group for a solo career and is now one of the biggest stars in Russia. On April 1, 2004, Friske was replaced by Nadya Ruchka (Надя Ручка). In 2007, both Novikova and Semenovich left the group but were replaced by Anastasiya Osipova (Анастасия Осипова).

In 2005, Ol'ga Orlova was pursuing a solo career.

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