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Azumi Kawashima

Azumi Kawashima.jpg
Also known as: Wazumi Kawashima
Kazumi Kawashima
Born: August 8, 1979 (1979-08-08) (age 39)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 86-59-85 cm
34-23-34 in
Bra/cup size: D metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.56 m (5 ft 1+12 in)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: BlackBrown
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Azumi Kawashima3.jpg

Azumi Kawashima (川島和津実- Kawashima Azumi), born August 8 1979 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese idol and AV idol. Referred to by the AV industry as a "legendary beauty,"[2] Kawashima was already known as a "gravure princess" at the time of her AV debut in December of 1998.[3] By May, 1999 she was called one of the most popular AV idols,[4] and "the number one AV idol" by August of that year.[5][6]

Life and career

Azumi Kawashima2.jpg

Azumi Kawashima was born in Tokyo on August 8, 1979, and enjoys swimming and walking.[7] She became a favorite among fans of the Japanese AV principally because her "classical elegant beauty", as her appearances are not as extreme or hardcore as many other such videos.[8] Kawashima's debut video was Promise released under Sexia's Try Heart label in December 1998.[9][3] In January 1999, Kawashima starred in Naive, for the Shy label. Her next video for Sexia, I Want To Hold You (February 1999), was a sex-oriented drama.[10] She was back at Shy for the April 1999 release, Natural. This video was judged a well-acted drama with great sex scenes, involving gangsters and an assassination plot.[11]

Azumi Kawashima4.jpg

Kawashima followed popular AV idol Haruki Mizuno[12] in Sexia's Pretty Wife series. Kawashima's entry, the seventh in the series, was subtitled Dangerous Love Triangle and released in May of 1999. She played the role of a woman who is the victim of her wicked mother-in-law. Hoping to save her son from what she believes to be his wife's demoralizing influence, the mother hires two men to rape her. She hopes that if her son witnesses his wife having sex with other men, he will then divorce her. Instead, the entire group join up to scold the mother for being too controlling. The video ends with the mother awakening, discovering it's all been a dream, and taking it as a message to leave her son's house. ActionJAV judges this video "Another great action packed movie performed by the legendary Azumi Kawa[13][14]

Less than a year after her debut, Kawashima's popularity prompted Sexia to release a retrospective video, Azu-mi-x, which included scenes from her first video as well as new material.[5] Sexia's February 2000 multi-star video, ALL STARS: Erotic Lips Selection, had Kawashima on the same tape as fellow Pretty Wife veteran, Haruki Mizuno.[15] A second retrospective video, Azu-mi-x II: Wazumi's Filmography, was released in September 2000 in a "permanent collector's edition".[6] Kawashima's last releases, a video entitled Memory, and a DVD named Complete Azumi Kawashima, came out in July 2003.[2][16] In addition to her video career, Kawashima's portfolio includes the release of 4 photobooks.

Selected filmography [17]

Video title Company Director Release date
Sexia/Try Heart Greate Kazu 18 December 1998
31 January 1999
I Want To Hold You
Sexia/Try Heart Shion Kageura 26 February 1999
Shy 23 March 1999
Natural Shy 30 April 1999
Pretty Wife 7
Sexia/Try Heart Makoto Nimekoji 21 May 1999
Memories Shy 18 June 1999
Azu-mi-x Sexia/Try Heart Futoshi Sakura 14 August 1999
Sexia/Try Heart Ebisu The Great 10 December 1999
Erotic Lips Selection
Sexia/Try Heart Ebisu The Great 18 February 2000
Last Kiss Sexia 19 May 2000
Azu-mi-x II: Wazumi's Filmography Sexia/Try Heart Goody 22 September 2000
OFFSIDE: The Best Selection Raising Company 12 December 2001
Forever Shy 3 March 2001
Return Shy 27 September 2001
Complete Azumi Kawashima
コンプリート 川島和津実
Raising Company 10 July 2003
Memory: Azumi Kawashima
記憶 川島和津実
Sexia/Try Heart Mark Spell 19 July 2003
Pretty and Pliable[8]


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