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Aya Misaki

Aya Misaki.jpg
Born: May 26, 1984 (1984-05-26) (age 32)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 120-65-102(cm)
Bra/cup size: L metric
Height: 1.64 m (5 ft 4+12 in)
Body type: Chubby
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Shown: Topless
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Aya Misaki (美咲彩 - Misaki Aya) is a Japanese sex industry worker, Tokyo Topless model and AV idol.

Life and career

Aya Misaki was born on May 26, 1984 in Tokyo, Japan. Her bust measurement is 120cm and she wears a metric L cup bra. She became famous for her work in the sex industry, and for several appearances at Tokyo Topless in the mid-2000s. The early appearances at the Tokyo Topless site showed her ranging from average to chubby in appearance, and showed her face. These photos have all been taken down, and currently only images not showing her face are available at the site. The original photo shoots #5 and #6 during which Misaki was at her chubbiest have been replaced. Misaki recently entered the AV field and has appeared for Cinema Unit GAS.

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
GAS-120s.jpg Big Tits Fetishism: Eternal Preservation Edition
大きなおっぱいフェチ 永久保存版!爆乳女優43名57コーナー
(Ōkina oppai fechi: eikyū hozon han)
April 24, 2009[2] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Kurumi Mirumiru
Mitsuki An
Hana Uehara
Seri Ishiguro
Mariko Morikawa
Shinobu Hosokawa
GAS-122s.jpg Bomber Girl 120 cm L-Cup: Aya Misaki
爆乳120L 美咲彩
(Bakunyū 120L: Misaki Aya)
May 29, 2009


Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Aya Misaki Bomber Girl series
GAS-130s.jpg Older Sister's Bomber Boobs: Breathless Wailing Sex and Perverted Woman: Aya Misaki
お姉ギャル爆乳 ヒーヒーいわせるセックスと痴女 美咲彩
(Onee gyaru bakunyū: hiihii iwaseru sekkusu to chijo Misaki Aya)
July 24, 2009[4] Cinema Unit GAS
Jirou Kaneko Aya Misaki
GAS-137s.jpg Sex Life: 120cm L-cup: Bomber Boob Sister: Aya Misaki
SEX LIFE-120L お姉ギャル爆乳 美咲彩
(SEX LIFE -120L: one gyaru bakunyū: Misaki Aya)
September 18, 2009[5] Cinema Unit GAS
Akira Takatsuki Aya Misaki
GAS-144s.jpg The Bomber Boob Queen's Real Sex: 120cm L-cup: Aya Misaki
爆乳女王のナマナマしいSEX 120L 美咲彩
(Bakunyū joō no nama namashii SEX: 120L: Misaki Aya)
November 27, 2009[6] Cinema Unit GAS
Sadogadake Bujin Aya Misaki


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Tokyo Topless

Note: Aya Misaki's original Tokyo Topless photo shoots #1 - #6 are no longer available.