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Alice Hoshi

Alice Hoshi
Also known as: Arisu Hoshi
Born: September 12, 1983 (1983-09-12) (age 33)
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 100-63-88 cm
39-25-35 in
Bra/cup size: I metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Body type: Average
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brunette
Blood group: Type
Shown: Topless
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal

Alice Hoshi (星ありす - Hoshi Arisu), born September 12, 1983, is a Japanese adult video actress.


Alice Hoshi's adult video debut was in 2003, and she was still appearing in videos by 2005. Her videos for the CineMagic company are story-based, focusing on S&M and bondage scenarios. In Big Breasted Slave XV (June 2005), she plays the role of a woman who becomes the sex slave of her father's debtor. Bondage and masochistic situations ensue.[1] Hoshi's scenes for CineMagic were included in their compilation video of April, 2006, Best of Collect: Battered Angels '05, which included veteran big-bust performer Eri Kikuchi.[2]

Hoshi has also made videos with the TMA company. Her second work for the TMA, Huge Tits Hard Core (released July, 2005), had her playing a role in which "her huge tits catch guys' attention in various situations."[3]

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
MMDV-201s.jpg A-Class Breast Crime: Deluxe 5
A級乳犯 DX5
(A-kyūnyūhan DX5)
August 22, 2003[4] Crystal Eizou / MMC
Sakurako Kaoru
Arisu Hoshi
Mai Haruna
A-Class Breast Crime series
GR-78.jpg Gogo Shameless Girl
(Gogo harenchi musume)
September 21, 2003 C2 Corporation / Grace
Alice Hoshi Gogo Shameless Girl series
VA-86s.jpg Menyu: Alice Hoshi
女乳 星ありす
October 21, 2003[5] Crystal Eizou / Venus
新村和英 Alice Hoshi
MMDV-231s.jpg Big Tits vs. Huge Tits: Grand Prix Special 5
(Kyonyū x bakunyū grandprix special 5)
December 12, 2003[6] Crystal Eizou / MMC
Mai Haruna
Ai Kurosawa
Hinano Nakayama
Chihiro Asou
Yuria Ishida
Mayumi Kusunoki
Sakurako Kaoru
Aki Tomosaki
Runna Sakai
Shouko Kitahara
Mio Kasuga
Mio Watase
Anna Hayashi
Hiromi Kishikawa
Hijiri Kikuma
Marimo Asou
Yayoi Fujino
Arisu Hoshi
Big Tits vs. Huge Tits series
VF-17s.jpg Squirting Fuck G-7: Part 8
潮吹きFUCK G-7 Part8
(Shiofuki Fuck G-7 Part 8)
May 13, 2004[7] Crystal Eizou / Venus
Jirou Utsunomiya Mai Haruna
Yui Asahina
Arisu Hoshi
Hikaru Hoshikawa
Sakurako Kaoru
Mami Yasuhara
Mika Kitagawa
MMDV-278s.jpg Big Tits X Bomber Boobs: 8 Hours 100 Rounds
(Kyounyuu X bakunyuu 8 jikan 100 renbatsu)
June 25, 2004[8] Crystal Eizou
Anna Ohura
Arisu Hoshi
Youko Takashima
Ai Kurosawa
Kyoko Ayana
Mariko Itsuki
Mayu Koizumi
Marina Matsushima
Chinami Nioka
Sonomi Fukuhara
Sakurako Kaoru
Aki Tomosaki
Mai Haruna
Big Tits X Bomber Boobs series
13ID-054s.jpg The Big and Extreme Breasts PREMIUM 4
(Kyonyū gyokunyū premium 4)
November 25, 2005[9] TMA
Sakurako Kaoru
Yuki Maioka
Arisu Hoshi
Rei Himekawa
Hiyori Koharu
TMA Big and Extreme Breasts series
Video cover[10] Video title Company Director Release date
ArisuHoshi Big Tits Bare Fuck Teacher.jpg
Big Tits Bare Fuck Teacher TMA Tsuyoshi Akasaka May 20, 2005
ArisuHoshi Big Breasted Slave XV.jpg
Big Breasted Slave XV CineMagic Yutaka Akiyama June 10, 2005
ArisuHoshi Huge Tits Hard Core.jpg
Huge Tits Hard Core TMA Tatsuya Toma July 1, 2005
ArisuHoshi Big Breasted Slave.jpg
Big Breasted Slave
(DVD release of Big Breasted Slave XV)
CineMagic Yutaka Akiyama September 23, 2005
Eri Kikuchi Battered Angels 05.jpg
Best of Collect: Battered Angels '05 CineMagic Tatsuo Mishima April 14, 2006

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Magazine appearances

  • Flash
    • August 12, 2003 (2p., nude)[11]

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