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Ai Kurosawa

Ai Kurosawa
Born: December 24, 1982 (1982-12-24) (age 33)[1]
Shiga, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 95-60-87 cm
37-24-34 in
Bra/cup size: F metric
Boobs: Natural
Height: 1.67 m (5 ft 5+12 in)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Blood group: A
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal
Solo: Masturbation
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal

Ai Kurosawa (黒沢愛 - Kurosawa Ai, born December 24, 1982) is a famous, award-winning Japanese model and AV idol. She made her debut in the adult entertainment field in 2001, and after appearing in dozens of AVs (adult videos), she retired in 2006.

Life and Career

Early life

Ai Kurosawa was born in Shiga Prefecture on December 24, 1982. During high school she was very active in volleyball,[2] and her hobbies as an adult include collecting Sanrio's Hello Kitty goods.[3] Kurosawa did not become sexually active at a very early age, later stating, "I was really into volleyball when I was in junior high, so I didn't have time for boys."[2]

Her first sexual encounter was during her first year in high school. She says that her first pleasurable experience with sex came later, however. "When I was seventeen," she says, "I went out with my first guy who was good at sex. He made me think 'this is real sex.'"[2]

Kurosawa dropped out of high school and worked in a variety of service-sector jobs including waitressing at a coffee shop and a sushi bar.[2] When she was first scouted to appear in an Adult Video she was receptive to the idea. Recalling AVs she had seen in her father's collection, she later explained, "I thought some of the girls were so pretty, and I wanted to have pictures of myself taken like that."[2]

AV debut

Ai Kurosawa made her AV debut with the Alice Japan label in their April 27, 2001 release Scenery of Love aka Love Scene.[4][3] She played the role of a college girl who moves to Tokyo to be near a man whom she loves. When she learns that he already has a girlfriend, she seduces him.[5][6] For her appearance in this first video, Kurosawa was described "an innocent cutie pie, who shines like a jewel."[5]

Kurosawa says of this first experience in an adult video, "I was really nervous. But it was different than I had imagined... I thought it would be more hard core."[2]

Her second video, Let's Make Love, released the following month, was a non-narrative series of sex scenes. Bathtub, bathrobe and blindfolding were featured in this AV.[7] Kurosawa's third video, Balloon Breasts was released in June. Her "beautiful F-cup breasts"[8] are highlighted in this video. They are shown off in various costumes, massaged, and put to work for a paizuri demonstration.[9] This work and her second video were combined on a single DVD entitled Let's Make Love, and released in November of 2001.[10]

Kurosawa's fifth video, Dynamite Tits (released October 2001), was made with Cosmos Plan, and was her first video made with a company other than Alice Japan.[11] In June 2001, after the filming of this AV, and after the release of her second video, Kurosawa was interviewed. When asked to comment on her work in the AV industry up to this point, she replied, "It's pretty fun... Sex in the videos is just different than in private. After all, you usually don't have sex with people watching you."[2]

Alice Japan's Costume-Play Doll: Sex Doll In School Uniform released in August of 2001, had Kurosawa playing the role of a spy. By using this story device to put her in various costumes, including a cheerleader and a stuffed animal, the video made use of the popular cosplay genre of adult video in Japan.[12] In January of 2002, Kurosawa co-starred with AV actress Shinohara Makoto in another cosplay video for Alice Japan, Costume Play Maniana 2. Among the costumes she wore in this video were Chinese attire and a military uniform.[13] VIP's Black Love, also from January 2002, was a dramatic mystery involving serial murders in a small village.[14][15] In Ai Kurosawa [Animation Costume Play] (March 22, 2002), Kurosawa took the cosplay genre into animation. This VIP production featured Kurosawa having sex while dressed as various anime characters.[16] In September of 2003 Kurosawa co-starred in the Alice Japan video Lesbian Politicians with Japan's first hardcore pornographic actress, Kyoko Aizome,[17] who also directed the film.[18]

Documentary-inspired AVs

The similarity between many Japanese adult videos and the documentary film has often been pointed out by critics,[19] and Kurosawa's next video made use of that format. Alice Japan's Bubbly Heaven, from March of 2002, is in the popular soapland sub-genre of these documentary-inspired AVs. The video shows Kurosawa experiencing sexual service from an actor and a professional prostitute.[20]

As Nicholas Bornoff points out, "Sometimes the documentary is faked, predictably with sadistic themes, which nonetheless strive to maintain a spontaneous veneer."[21] Later Kurosawa videos in the mock-documentary genre included VIP's Ai Kurosawa's Sex Training of April 2003, in which she is tortured and forced to obey the video director's every command.[22] Another video in the mock-documentary format was Ai Kurosawa's Hypnotic Fuck from Cosmos Plan. This AV has Kurosawa purportedly hypnotized, after which her "deep sexual desires are revealed."[23]


In February 2003, after having worked with several companies, mostly Alice Japan, Kurosawa released Sexy Pearl, her first video for Atlas21.[24] COS-PARA, of March 2003, was Kurosawa's entry in the company's popular cosplay series. The costumes worn by Kurosawa in this video include that of a waitress and a nurse.[25] Atlas21 combined these two videos onto one DVD entitled Ai Kurosawa FREAK, in May of 2003.[26]

Later in 2003, Kurosawa appeared in two multi-actress videos for Atlas21. The theme of Women On Top of August 2003 is explained in the title, and the video featured thirteen AV actresses having sex in the titular position.[27] Erotic Breasts Girls of November, 2003 starred seven AV actresses known for the beauty of their breasts.[28] In December of 2003, Kurosawa co-starred in TMA The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II, a similar multi-actress anthology for the TMA label. This video included AV idols Anna Ohura and Kyoko Ayana.[29]

Recognition and retirement

With her "perfectly proportioned body forged from years of volleyball coupled with a G-cup bust,"[2] Kurosawa had become one of the most popular and prominent AV actresses of the early 2000s. The AV industry recognized her career on November 26, 2003, when she was given Soft On Demand's award for outstanding actress.[30] Japanese mainstream media also paid tribute to Kurosawa when she won the "Main AV Actress Award" at Takeshi Kitano's second Entertainment Awards ceremony.[31]. Ai Kurosawa retired from AVs in January 2006, but continues performing as a striptease dancer.[32]

Partial filmography

Title Released Company Director Starring Notes
VIP-D175s.jpg Rare Clips
June 20, 2003[33] VIP
Asuka Ozora
Ai Kurosawa
Shiho Akiyoshi
Sakurako Kaoru
KR-9165.jpg The Contrary Soap Heaven
(Gyaku sopu tengoku)
September 14, 2003 Alice Japan / Babylon
Ai Kurosawa The Contrary Soap Heaven series
TWV-051s.jpg The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II
巨乳極乳 PREMIUM 2
(Kyonyū gyokunyū premium 2)
December 12, 2003[34][35] TMA
Nao Oikawa
Ai Kurosawa
Kyoko Ayana
Anna Ohura
Nana Kawashima
Sakurako Kaoru
Haruna Mai
TMA Big and Extreme Breasts series
MMDV-231s.jpg Big Tits vs. Huge Tits: Grand Prix Special 5
(Kyonyū x bakunyū grandprix special 5)
December 12, 2003[36] Crystal Eizou / MMC
Mai Haruna
Ai Kurosawa
Hinano Nakayama
Chihiro Asou
Yuria Ishida
Mayumi Kusunoki
Sakurako Kaoru
Aki Tomosaki
Runna Sakai
Shouko Kitahara
Mio Kasuga
Mio Watase
Anna Hayashi
Hiromi Kishikawa
Hijiri Kikuma
Marimo Asou
Yayoi Fujino
Arisu Hoshi
Big Tits vs. Huge Tits series
MMDV-278s.jpg Big Tits X Bomber Boobs: 8 Hours 100 Rounds
(Kyounyuu X bakunyuu 8 jikan 100 renbatsu)
June 25, 2004[37] Crystal Eizou
Anna Ohura
Arisu Hoshi
Youko Takashima
Ai Kurosawa
Kyoko Ayana
Mariko Itsuki
Mayu Koizumi
Marina Matsushima
Chinami Nioka
Sonomi Fukuhara
Sakurako Kaoru
Aki Tomosaki
Mai Haruna
Big Tits X Bomber Boobs series
KASD-001.jpg Original Demand Seed - Adult Variety Edition
元祖 デマンドの種 アダルトバラエティ決定版
(Ganzo demando no tane adarutobaraeti ketteihan)
May 3, 2004 Soft On Demand (SOD)
Ichi Yarigasaki Nana Natsume
Ai Kurosawa
Miki Amatsuka
Ayami Sakurai
Mai Tamura
Mai Sakashita
Makoto Sendo
Naoko Hayashiba
GA-01s.jpg Gogo Shameless Girl: EX
GOGOハレンチ娘 EX
(Gogo harenchi musume: EX)
July 24, 2004[38] C2 Corporation / Grace
Jirou Utsunomiya Mio Asakura
Asuka Ozora
Sakurako Kaoru
Ai Kurosawa
Misa Nishida
Hitomi Hayasaka
Gogo Shameless Girl series
SDDE-069.jpg Ai Kurosawa Will Help You With Your Masturbation
(Kurosawa Ai no onanī no otetsudai shite ageru)
July 27, 2004 Soft on Demand
Ai Kurosawa
MDLD-271.jpg Teacher Ai's Illusory High School
(Jokyōshi ai No Mōsō haisukūru)
December 1, 2004 Moodyz
Tadanori Usami Ai Kurosawa
MDLD-419.jpg Sperm Viking 3
男汁バイキング 3
(Otoko-jiru baikingu 3)
July 1, 2005 Moodyz
Ai Kurosawa Sperm Viking series
MDLD-441.jpg Cheerful Lewd Tits Medical Care
August 1, 2005 Moodyz
Ai Kurosawa
RBN-D069s.jpg I Like Them Big Tits: Ribon 4 Hours Best
好きです巨乳 RIBON 4時間BEST
(Suki desu kyonyū Ribon 4 jikan best)
August 12, 2005[39] Media Bank / Ribon
Mami Hayasaki
Ruri Sato
Misa Nishida
Ai Kurosawa
Nao Oikawa
Momo Imai
Marina Katase
Sakurako Kaoru
Marimo Asou
Mika Kitagawa
Yuriko Hirose
Momoka Hayakawa
Hikaru Hoshikawa
Yuria Yoshinaga
Ribon 4 Hours Best series
GRDV-051.jpg Welcome to Bursting Tits Soapland
(Bakunyū sōpu e irasshai)
September 17, 2007 Crystal Eizou
Ai Kurosawa Welcome to Bursting Tits Soapland series
GRDV-054.jpg Fetish Love
October 26, 2007 Crystal Eizou
Momow Ai Kurosawa Fetish series
Video title[40] Company Director Release date
Scenery of Love / Love Scene
恋の風景 / ラブシーン
Alice Japan Kunihiro Hasegawa VHS:April 27, 2001
DVD:August 24, 2001
Let's Make Love
Alice Japan Kyuhei Tsubakihara VHS:May 25, 2001
DVD:November 22, 2001
Balloon Breasts
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto June 26, 2001
Sex Doll In School Uniform
Alice Japan Tadanori Usami August 24, 2001
Dynamite Tits
Cosmos Plan Takehiro Yasuda October 7, 2001
Chi Chi-Mix Cosmos Plan . November 24, 2001
Cosplay de Ikou!
Vip . December 14, 2001
Costume Play Maniana 2
コスプレマニアーナ 2
Alice Japan . January 15, 2002
Black Love
VIP . January 31, 2002
February 22, 2002
Costume Play Servant Venus . February 14, 2002
Bubbly Heaven
Alice Japan Shigeo Katsuyama March 22, 2002
Ai Kurosawa [Animation Costume Play]
黒沢愛 [アニメコスプレ]
VIP . March 22, 2002
Bubbly Heaven
Alice Japan . April 19, 2002
Obscene Model
Alice Japan Kyuhei Tsubakibara June 21, 2002
宇宙企画DX120分スペシャル 10
Cosmos Plan . June 29, 2002
Cosmos2002 DX
宇宙企画2002 DX
Cosmos Plan Sekicchi June 30, 2002
Erotic Wedding
Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto August 30, 2002
M.V.P. Vol.3 VIP Chian Kurisu August 30, 2002
The Private Teacher Grace . September 21, 2002
South Pole 2 Ai Kurosawa
南極2号 黒沢愛
KUKI DAICHI December 20, 2002
Big Breasts 240 Minutes
Cosmos Plan . December 20, 2002
STARS!! Ai Kurosawa
STARS!! 黒沢愛
KUKI . December 20, 2002
New Tank Angels 12
乳TANKの天使たち 12
KUKI JUNGO January 21, 2003
VIP GOLD DISC VIP . February 21, 2003
Sexy Pearl
Atlas21 Juzo Kamonohashi February 24, 2003
COS-PARA Atlas21 Juzo Kamonohashi March 24, 2003
VIP Juzo Kamonohashi April 18, 2003
Ai Kurosawa's Sex Training
VIP . April 25, 2003
Ai Kurosawa FREAK
Atlas21 . May 16, 2003
Rare Clips
VIP . June 20, 2003
Ai Kurosawa's Hypnotic Fuck
Cosmos Plan . June 20, 2003
Women On Top
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto August 19, 2003
Bubbly Heaven Special Charter 7
逆ソープ天国貸切スペシャル 7
Alice Japan Usagi Kanda September 12, 2003
Lesbian Politicians
政界レズビアン 女戒
Alice Japan Kyoko Aizome September 19, 2003
Erotic Breasts Girls
Atlas21 Tsukasa Hashimoto November 15, 2003
TMA The Big and Extreme Breasts Premium II
TMA巨乳極乳プレミアム II
TMA . December 12, 2003
TMA . July 16, 2004
The Perfect AV! Costume Play Idol 4 Hours
VIP . August 13, 2004
Action! Huge Tits Girls 4 Hours!! 2
Alice Japan . July 15, 2005
Love the Big Tits RIBON 4 Hours BEST
好きです巨乳 RIBON 4時間BEST
VIP . August 12, 2005
Hyper Magic Mirror Box Car 2005 Deeps . October 20, 2005
Female Teacher - Nakadashi 20 Times IEnergy . December 21, 2005


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