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Gréta Istvándi bound in black tape
Photo: Black Art

Adhesive tape can be used to cover parts of the breasts or just the nipples. It is often used in contexts that do not allow to show bare breasts (e. g. in public) or as a means of holding, fixing or accentuating the breasts, often with references to breast bondage. Sometimes, adhesive tape is used to construct whole garments like bandeau tops or dresses.

Example images

Pixie Dust with tape crossed over her nipples, a technique also often used by exotic dancers
A busty 2008 Fantasy Fest participant showing her taped nipples in public

Milena Velba using clear tape to create a minimal bandeau top...
Photo: Bernd Daktari Lorenz
...and using it for breast bondage
Photo: Bernd Daktari Lorenz
Jewell Marceau in an artful combination of adhesive tape and a latex catsuit. The tape becomes part of her clothing...
...but serves as a means of bondage at the same time

Public events

Adhesive tape can also be used where maximum nudity is to be achieved without being fully naked, for example at the Rio Carnival where full nudity is banned, or at public bodypainting events, in order to protect the vagina from the paint and to not present it publicly.

Viviane Castro with a small stripe of adhesive tape covering her private parts at the 2008 Rio Carnival
April prepared with adhesive tape for a bodypainting at the 2006 Fantasy Fest
Bodypainter Pashur working with the new canvas

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