152cm!! Super Huge Tits

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152cm!! Super Huge Tits

152cm!! Super Huge Tits
Type: Video
Color.gif Color
Original title: 152cm!!超爆乳固め
(152 cm! ! Chou bakunyuu katame)
Country: Japan
Release date(s): October 25, 2011[1]
Running time: 101 minutes
Language: Japanese
Company: IZM
ID: ICD-165
Directed by: Ryudai
Starring: Erika
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152cm!! Super Huge Tits (152cm!!超爆乳固め - 152 cm! ! Chou bakunyuu katame) is a Japanese DVD released on October 25, 2011 by IZM. It stars AV idol Erika and was directed by Ryudai.


Super-busty BBW model Erika returns to IZM in this DVD, using her body to dominate smaller men. She is able to completely engulf her masochistic partner with her breasts. In one scene, she is restrained with bondage tape which her body strains to the breaking point. [2]

Erika in 152cm!! Super Huge Tits

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