113cm Shock: Kei Kuwata

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113cm Shock: Kei Kuwata

113cm Shock: Kei Kuwata
Type: Video
Color.gif Color
Original title: 113センチの衝撃 桑田ケイ
(113cm no shougeki: Kuwata Kei)
Country: Japan
Release date(s): [1]
Running time: 60 minutes
Language: Japanese
Company: Crystal Image / Super Crystal
ID: SC-33
Directed by: Taiga Asao
Starring: Kei Kuwata

113cm Shock: Kei Kuwata (113センチの衝撃 桑田ケイ - 113cm no shougeki: Kuwata Kei, ) is a Japanese DVD released by Crystal Image / Super Crystal. It stars AV idol Kei Kuwata and was directed by Taiga Asao.


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